About us

Years ago I started baking to relieve stress. I always had a love for art, cooking, reading, and baking. After going through a difficult time in my life, I realized that it was in fact these hobbies that saw me through. However they were not just hobbies any more, they were something I was passionate about and wanted to spend my life doing.


When the big bad C-word number 19 came and turned the world upside down, I felt the isolation and it affected me greatly. I started livestreaming on twitch as Uhlra to maintain my sanity and work through my social anxiety. Taking back my life on my own terms was not easy but after a lot of effort I eventually gained enough confidence to get my life together. I went back to college and am (at the time of writing this) currently enrolled in my final semester of my bachelors degree. 


My goal is to be a culinary therapist, and use food and cooking to help people. This is a holistic approach that applies to many parts of life ecouraging  mindfulness, nutrition, positive coping mechanisms for stress, and developing connections/social skills. I plan to achieve this by, after finishing my bachelors in Psychology, pursuing my masters in Clinical PSY, and getting a certificate in expressive therapy. I encouarge everyone to find what it is they are passionate about and find positive coping mechanisms for stress.


My art is my own way of dealing with my ADHD, and originally I had no intention of selling. Like many people who have ADHD I am a bit of a perfectionist and my work is never good enough in my eyes. I love supporting charities in any way I can, and when I saw that one of the non-profit groups I support had an online facebook auction where people could buy and sell items to help the organization, I was in. I listed my first item and the rest is history. The overwhelming love and support I recieved for my art encouraged me to yet again take that step forward and pursue my dreams. I plan on continuing to support the organization as long as they will have me, and selling my art as long as people are willing to buy it. I will always create,. and it is my hope that my creations bring you as much joy as they brought me. From the bottom of my heart, Thank You.

My Art

I have worked with many mediums and art forms throughout my life. Clay, resin, jewlrey making, flower pressing, painting, rock tumbling, drawing, knitting, sewing, punch needle, needle felting, are just some of the different ways of artistic expression I've tried. I sometimes switch between them but what I mostly do nowadays is:

  • Resin pins/brooches and jewlry
  • Polymer clay sculptures/figures and charms
  • Painted pin boards (which I call Pin Art)

Have fun exploring and I hope you find something that speaks to you.